Decluttering my wardrobe


I started to do the inevitable last week, decluttering the mammoth wardrobe and i've still yet to finish!! Last year I tried to shop for basics and capsule wardrobe items rather than bold trendy statements pieces that only lasts a season. By doing this, I was conscious that I wanted to reduce the size of my closet because at the minute, its ready to burst wide open.I love to set out outfits on a separate rail that I can just grab on days that I busy or have little time to get ready but there are days where most of the wardrobe ends up on the floor and I become reminded of the famous phrase, 'A closet full of clothes and nothing to wear". 

My main problem is, i've always been a bit of a hoarder when it comes clothes. I still have a denim shirt from 15 + years ago that I still wear and have only kept because its the shirt I wore when I passed my driving test. And I could tell you a similar story about at least 20 more pieces of clothing, hence the bursting closet! So this time before I started to clear out the wardrobe, I decided to pre-organise it and follow some tips I found online. 

Tip 1. Prepare bags or tubs for donation or to sell on second hand selling sites like Vinted or Depop. Im lucky enough that a charity put a card through our door to collect unwanted clothes so I filled 2 bags of clothes that either don't fit anymore or that I just wouldn't wear. I also filled  a box of clothes to resell on Vinted, which a few things has successfully sold already. It took a while to get used to but listed right, its a brilliant way to free up the wardrobe space and make some £ as well. 

Tip 2. Ive packed away all clothes from the previous season in vacuum sealed bags to make space for all the new season clothes that Ive washed, dried and ironed. I normally need a lot more room for autumn because of all the thick cardigans and jumpers so I bought hangers with clips that can be doubled up to add more. 

Tip 3. I organised my closet in a way that suited me. One section of my closet is shelved and is labelled for all my jeans/trousers/shorts in accordance to their style. Some of the styles are: skinny jeans, flared jeans, smart trousers, going out bottoms and wide legged jeans/trousers. Another section is for dresses and jumpsuits and the next section is for jumpers and blouses. Once everything is hung up and folded I do plan on color coding everything because we all have those days we want to wear THAT top and this just makes things easier for me personally. 

Tip 4. Put everything back where it belongs! Now this is where my closet can get a little disjointed and loose its organised manner. I put outfits together in my head and think they'll go together and then when I put it on, it just doesn't work and sometimes ends up in a pile on my desk! I have just bought a separate rail for outfits that I can just grab and wear that I know work well together. I make sure that the bits on the rail are also ironed and pressed to save time when im getting ready. 

Those are the main 3 tips that have really helped to declutter and organise my wardrobe for the new season and i'm hoping it stays this way 

Let me know what ways you organise your wardrobe or if you have tips that might help me. DM me on Instagram and let me know! If you've made it this far......thank u! Much love from, The Fashionable Knitter 💞 ps....always believe in u 💫



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