Fall Fashion

Well I've decided to succumb to the fact that autumn is upon us and and the season of summer is well and truly passed (did it ever really arrive). So i've decided to clear out the closet and start adding knitwear to the daily ootd's to embrace the fact that soon, fall fashion will be taking over. 
This season is always by far our busiest because at the heart of it all, we are a knitting business and knitwear dominates autumn fashion. We have lots of chunky cardigans and knitted vests on our website that are so cosy and incredibly sustainable.I truly love oversized cardigans and layering pieces and have been looking to add some key pieces to my wardrobe to last me through the new 'cosy season'.
Dressing for autumn is never straightforward because we all know as soon as we pack away the summer shorts and bikinis, September always bring a little sneaky heatwave. So I do like to keep some of my summer pieces in the closet for a little longer as they are pretty adaptable. Denim shorts are a great shape piece to keep for autumn and wear with tights and maybe some black biker boots. I wore a Hailey Bieber inspired outfit last year with a knitted vest my mum knit for me and it was one of my favourite outfits I wore last year.
Another summer transitional item I love is a basic trench coat. Super easy to style and great for making those summer/autumn days a little easier to deal with. They are lightweight enough that you don't get too hot bit just enough to keep u warm from a cool fall breeze.
I try not to buy to much this time of year as the shops are filled with summer sales and the best of the autumn wear is not quite out yet. So ive made a list of 5 items I'll be on the hunt for this year (online and in my mom/sisters wardrobe 😉)that have been picked out as key trends this autumn winter. 
The first is a grey oversized long coat. Grey is never normally a color id wear but I think it will be very popular this season and a great neutral color to mix with lots of outfits. A masculine oversized coat is also an easy way to dress up a simple outfit and automatically make it look elevated and smart. Perfect with a simple white t-shirt, black jeans and loafers, a few items that im sure we all have in our closets. Ive spied this one from Asos that I think is a great shade of grey and length. 
Ok so this next item is a risky one and I know not for everyone but one I used to LOVE, which are over the knee boots.This look from Hailey Bieber is just autumn in a photo in my opinion but really simple and classic and super stylish. Tan over the knee boots are high on my wish list this season but I do struggle finding a pair that go over my thighs 🙈 so definitely more of an item ill have to shop for in person rather than online. I feel that over the knee boots can also be a great way to make an outfit instantly dressy and super fashionable. I loved the classic over the knee boots look worn with jeans or leggings, a major Kim Kardashian style staple iykyk. 
Ok so this next item is classic, sophisticated and just a overall staple piece for your wardrobe and is a red blazer. My sister got an absolutely gorgeous one that I borrowed and I fell in love with from Zara and I really would love to add one to my wardrobe. Red I think is going to be THEE color this autumn as a stand out wardrobe item bound to tun heads if worn right and there is loads of options available on the high street as well as second hand selling platforms like vinted and depop. Red is just such an elegant color but love that I can wear it with heels for a dressy look or with ripped jeans and nike dunks for a more casual streetwear look.
The next wardrobe staple that I have plenty of is hats, hats and more hats. I have to admit I am obsessed with wearing hat with most of my outfits. Weather its a baseball cap or beanie, I know come this autumn im ready for it! I was recently in Primark and saw that they already have out their berets and honestly I could have bought 20 colors!! Besides the fact that we have a relatively mild autumn/winter season, rain is never too far away so its a great way for me to disguise the frizzy hair. 
I know a lot of you love cosy fashion season too so let me know what items you can't wait to wear this season and how your going to style them. DM me on Instagram and let me know! If you've made it this far......thank u! Much love from, The Fashionable Knitter 💞 ps....always believe in u 💫

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