Monochrome Moments 🖤🤍

Over the past year,  I’ve been trying to become more conscious about what clothes I buy (and how much money I spend)  while trying to build a capsule wardrobe. Staples items that can be worn over and over again in different ways but still fresh and stylish. 
With the change of season coming around soon, I've been clearing out the wardrobe and deciding what no longer suits me and what tyles I want to embrace this autun. Lately I love black and white monochrome outfits and have been spotting inspiration everywhere. A simple, chic way to transition from summer to autumn fashion, monochrome never fails in my opinion!
The high street is always full of basic staples that can help build part of a capsule wardrobe and create a stylish ensemble with little effort. I also have items in my wardrobe that I’ve had for years…..and years that have will always be part of my own personal collction. I know everyone’s style is so different and for me personally I love to add a little bit of street-style to my ootd to make it more me. Like a basic white T-shirt with ripped jeans and a headscarf, to me this is y style and what I like but isn’t for everyone. 
So this season I’ll be adding a few black and white items to my wardrobe that I know will be staples to last year after year and have listed below.
The first one being a knitted black and white vest that my mum is making at the minute.  Inspired by one that I saw online from Zara, i know this can be styled up in so many different ways and last for years. A transitional item that I know will look great with white jeans and loafers or with chunky black winter heels and black cargo trousers. 
The next item I’m investing in is a black satin slip skirt. I recently picked one up from New Look for £12, and if u download their app you get an extra 20% off. A bargain and a staple item is a hard yes from me! I know I will be able to wear this so many ways, the most basic being with a white T-shirt. This can look so chic with the right shoes for sure and worn for a day time look with converse or dressed up for an evening look with heels. 
The last item I’m investing in is a white suit vest. I’ve already worn it so many times and it’s definitely been an item I’ve seen everywhere online. A timeless item that will stay in your wardrobe for years, this can be worn dressed up or down. I really feel that it can elevate any type of outfit from basic to chic! 

I also have a few items that are already in my wardrobe that will be great for this exact type of look. A classic trench coat, black skinny jeans ( yes I still love skinny jeans and always will), black ankle boots, a cream chunky long jumper, a black blazer and white T-shirt. All of these items I know will stay in rotation and I can grab them on days where I just don’t know what to wear but want to look out together. 
I would love to know what some of your staple items are in your wardrobe so please Dm me on Instagram and let me know!
If uve made it this far….thank u!
Much love from, The Fashionable Knitter 💞
ps….always believe in u 💫  

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